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Using our Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.),
we manufacture blends that meet strict specifications.


"We'll work with what you've got."

DuraEdge Products, Inc., a division of the Natural Sand Company, specializes in the production of top-quality engineered soil products for the athletic field industry. Using our Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.)™, we manufacture blends that meet strict specifications. Most importantly, we’ve engineered our growing line of mixes to meet the meticulous needs of our customers.

We provide soil solutions to clients at every level of play - from community parks to professional stadiums. We’re ready to assist you with your athletic field construction, renovation and maintenance needs.

Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.)™ outperforms other methods because it is based on Soil Science, Not Guesswork. Grant’s E.S.T. Program® assesses the current state of the infield, then prescribes specific corrective measures to transform a poor infield into one with the highest performance possible.

DuraEdge® Mixes have superior performance results
due to our ability to:

  • Control soil ratios in the blending process, which enables customization of mixes

  • Replicate DuraEdge® Mixes at multiple locations throughout the country

  • Reproduce the same mix from Year to Year – Consistency in material

In order to properly balance your base soil, the first step is to understand who you are. To determine who you are, you need to answer two questions:

1. Do you have access to water?

2. What are your facility maintenance resources/practices?



Classifying your facility is important because what works for the big leagues will not necessarily work for everyone. Who you are determines where your soil levels should be, and what you should do to balance your base soil.

Despite what other companies may say, it IS possible to improve your current infield material without removing and replacing it. Infield amendments save time and money and are just one of our specialties. Our engineered soils are your solutions. Each product we manufacture undergoes rigorous product testing. This process ensures consistent products and predictable outcomes for you, the valued client.


The SCR is a score derived by dividing the percentage of silt by the percentage of clay in a soil sample. The SCR score indicates the relative performance of an infield soil product.

The importance of SCR



Obtain Private Lab Test Report of
Your Current Infield Skin


Read and Interpret Results with
Assistance of DuraEdge Representative


Evaluate Your Soil Test to Where You
Are Against Where You Should Be


Set Objectives and Install Materials
to Meet Objectives

Imbalanced based soils on
ball fields often have either:

Field Type A:   High Sand Content / Low SCR
- Typically a field that is “beachy” when
   dry or “chunking out” when wet.

Field Type B:   Low Sand Content / High SCR
- Typically a field that is “dusty” when
   dry, or “mucky” when wet

Once you know the composition of your base soil, you can implement the proper solution with the assistance of a trained DuraEdge Sales Representative. The DuraEdge Sales Representative can explain the Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.)™ process and how computer blended materials enable us to select the right combination of amendments required to balance your existing base soil.

TACS Method

Most infield soils are simply mined from the ground and screened off at a certain size and sold. In other words, it is what it is. But for DuraEdge® infield mixes, screening is just the beginning. After harvesting the raw materials for our infield soil products, we mechanically blend the sand and clay together at specific ratios.

  • Blend of 72% Sand; 12% Silt; 16% Clay

  • Lower Silt to Clay Ratio enables a firm playing surface

  • Low maintenance – does not require access to water to maintain field

  • Higher clay to silt ratio allows for firmer playing surface

  • Compatible with various amendments such as conditioners and psyllium powder for customized solutions

  • Lower maintenance – does not require access to water to maintain material

DuraEdge Classic Facility Classification:
  • Recommended for recreational facilites

  • Recommended for facilities with volunteer maintenance

  • Recommended for facilities with NO water access

DuraEdge Classic Product Spectrum:
  • Recommended for recreational facilites

  • Recommended for ammending or replacing fields

  • Recommended for facilities with NO water access

  • 72% Sand to 28% Silt/Clay

Our Products For Amending Existing Fields

FieldSaver™ is designed to combine with existing infield skin material to correct soil imbalances. FieldSaver™ amends your current infield mix to condition, add clay content and bind your existing infield skin - all in one application. The cornerstone of our revolutionary Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.)™ program, FieldSaver™ saves our clients thousands of dollars that would have been spent on “remove and replace” infield solutions.

  • Savings: Renovating your field with FieldSaver™ saves you the time and costs associated with “remove and replace”

  • Playability: FieldSaver™ binds together so wind and rain won’t affect game day

  • Resilience: Maintenence takes less time because FieldSaver™ bonds together and stays in place


The DuraEdge Products, Inc. and Subsidiaries corporate headquarters are located just 4 miles east of the I-79 Exit 113 in the heart of Grove City, PA.

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Our Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.)™ manufacturing process gives us the ability to produce exactly the same product at multiple locations across the country.

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